Dust Grabber II

Dust Grabber II™ - Dust Shroud


The Dust Grabber II features a high quality polymer body with a seal using the same patented technology as the Original Dust Grabber. Perfect for occasional professional use or for taking DIY projects to the next level of safety and convenience . The Dust Grabber II features a Universal Adapter that is designed to fit large 7″ angle grinders.

  • Available for 7″ Grinders
  • Polymer Body
  • Fits Most Major Brands
  • Perfect for DIY or Occasional Professional Use
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Features & Benefits

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Patented Anti-Suction Lock Technology

The patented seal design creates a vortex of air around the edge of the shroud, eliminating suction lock and allowing the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice. The ease of use doesn’t affect the dust collection, the shroud can still capture up to 99% of the dust. The patented polymer seal can be easily replaced without removing any other parts.

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Get Up Close & Personal.

Getting up close and personal with the wall is no problem with the Dust Grabber. Whether it’s mounted on the Hum-B Grinder or use Handheld you can get as close as 1/8″ away from the wall.

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