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Powerful. Durable. Versatile.

The 1000 Series offers a large array of power and collection options. Designed to capture dust generated by surface preparation equipment, power tools and for job site cleanup, the 1000 series is ideal for work involving dust from concrete, drywall, wood, asbestos, carbon and many other non-combustible materials. Used by professionals worldwide, the 1000 series vacuums are a great fit for many applications.  1000 Series vacuums are compliant with OSHA’s Silica Dust Rule.


  • Airflow: 176-311 CFM
  • Filtration: HEPA 99.97% @ .3 Microns
  • Inlet: 2″
  • Collection: 20 Gal Steel Tank; Longpac Bagger or 55Gal Drum



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Want to know how Pulse-Bac works in really works out in the field. Check our Chicago Dustless' video on the subject. They like their units so much they use it as part of their marketing.

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Features & Benefits

Power Options

If there is one thing that sets the 1000 Series apart it’s the large array of configurations which can be had. This is because any of the 3 vacuum heads can be fitted to any of the 3 collection options. The heads themselves are identical on the outside but it’s on the inside where the difference is found. The most noticeable difference is the power plant driving the different models. Each model offers unique benefits to help you tailor the vacuum to your particular application.

1050 Motor Illustration


The 1050/1050H feature the same power plant. With a 176 CFM & 87″ of lift these unit offer excellent performance for hand grinders, hammer drills, and other hand tools as well as smaller walk behind grinders like edge grinders. The 1050H has Dual-Stage(see below) HEPA filtration and is recommended if you are working hazardous or regulated materials like lead paint or asbestos.

1050 Motor Illustration


The 1150 is a significant step up in power and duty-cyle from the 1050. With 225 CFM and 110″ of Lift the 1150 is great for mid-sized walk behind grinders, larger drills & demolition hammers. The 1150 has the highest Lift(air pressure) available in the 1000 Series for stronger pickup. Making it ideal for cleaning up with the optional Integrated Floor Sweep between grits or before finishes

1050 Motor Illustration


Versatile and powerful the 1250 is ideal for many different applications. With 311 CFM & 70″ of Lift the 1250 offers the most airflow available in a 1000 Series. The 1250 can cover all the ground of the 1050 & 1150 but can also provide unmatched dust collection for larger walk behind grinders, concrete saws, paver saws, stationary tools like table saws and manufacturing machinery.

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Self-Cleaning Technology

Everyone has dealt with the trouble that a clogged vacuum filter creates, it takes up valuable time and creates a mess. Pulse-Bac solves this problem with our patented Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology™ that automatically cleans the filter while you work. Others may claim to have “automatic” or “pulse” filter cleaning, but look closely and you’ll see that they fall short of the original, requiring extra equipment like air compressors or manual gadgets that require work to stop for filter cleaning. These don’t truly solve the problem and make for more work. Only vacuums with the Pulse-Bac® name use our unique technology to automatically clean the filter while you work.

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dual-stage HEPA filtration illustration/animation

Single or Dual-Stage HEPA Filtration

The 550H/1050H models provide Dual-Stage HEPA filtration. Dual-Stage filtration models, like all Pulse-Bac vacuums, feature the 5 Point HEPA Filter as an initial stage of filtration and an additional exhaust side HEPA filter. Both the 5 Point Filter and the exhaust side filter are individually tested to meet the 99.97% @ 0.3 microns standard required by most regulations and recommended when working with many materials. In fact, third-party testing of the 550H showed that our 2 stage filtration system actually provided 99.99% @ 0.3µm filtration, exceeding the standard.

Collection Options

The other attribute that makes the 1000 Series the most versatile vacuum you can buy is that once you’ve chosen your power option it can be fit to any of 3 collection options. Plus it’s simple to switch between collection options and it can be done in minutes without any tools. Check out the collection options below to see what will work best for you.

20 gallon tank colletion option

20 Gallon Tank

This is where it all started, our traditional 20 gallon tank has been a tried and true job site companion for many construction pros and manufacturers for well over a decade.  Made from 16 gauge, cold rolled U.S. steel and powder coated to prevent rust, the 20 Gallon tank will provide years of trouble free use. Standard features include a removable 5 caster steel dolly with non-marking casters and 3 grip handles to assist in dumping.

Longopac Bagger Vacuum

Revolution 360 Bagger

The Revolution 360 Bagger is strong, durable and maneuverable. Made of 12 gauge U.S. steel and powder coated to prevent rust, this unique bagger design allows the user to grab and go from any direction and the 360 glide design dances around corners and through doorways. Equipped with our patented Easy Empty Valve System that allows you to dump dust and debris without turning the vacuum off and features the Longopac Endless Bagging system.

55 Gallon Drum vac

55 Gallon Drum

Need to collect a lot in a solid, durable container? The Drum Vac option is designed to do just that. The Extender 55/40  allows the vacuum head to be placed on any standard 55 or 40 Gallon drum. Each extender is made from 16 gauge powder coated U.S. steel and can be fitted with any 1000 series vacuum head and are available with a 2” or 3” inlet.

steel beam illustration

Durable Steel Construction

Pulse-Bac® units are made for the rugged conditions of a job-site. We don’t cut cost with molded plastic tanks, cheap electrical components and off-shore manufacturing. With tanks made of 16ga. cold-rolled U.S. steel and a steel assembly covered with by a high impact ABS plastic hood, Pulse-Bac® is made to keep working even in the most punishing conditions. Even details like wheels are heavy duty, non-marking polyurethane casters, instead of molded plastic wheels on thin spindles. Add the fact that every Pulse-Bac is assembled by hand in our facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and you’ve got quality you can’t beat.

easy empty bagger

Easy Empty System

The Revolution 360 Bagger option features our patented Easy Empty Valve System. When the valve is opened to release the collected material into the bag, our specially designed vent ports allow air to continue to flow into the vacuum. This airflow stops dust from escaping and allows the vacuum to continue to run without the bag being sucked up into the canister. Once the debris has been dumped, you can tie off the Longopac® bag, remove it and start a new bag, without ever shutting off the vacuum.

longpac bagger

Longopac Bagging

Popular with contractors in many fields, the Longopac endless bagging system provides a quick, dust-free bagging solution that has never worked better now that it is paired with Pulse-Bac’s patented Easy Empty Valve system.

cyclonic debris management

Cyclonic Debris Management

The Cyclonic Debris Management system comes standard on all vacuum tanks, extenders, and preseparators. Our CDM system works with our pulsing technology and prevents upwards of 90% of dust and debris from ever reaching the filter. The CDM system stops dust and debris from constantly cycling up to the filters and holds it at the bottom of the tank until discarded.


105017687"Single-Stage20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum30 lbs.(Head)12.5A/6.6A110V/220V
1050H17687"Dual-Stage20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum30 lbs.(Head)12.5A/6.6A110V/220V
1150225110"Single-Stage20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum30 lbs.(Head)15.1A/7.8A110V/220V
125031170"Single-Stage20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum30 lbs.(Head)15.5A/7.9A110V/220V

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